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Monk's Blues, Modern Times, Brecker's Blues, A Sense Of Loss, Life, Time's Up, Away From The City


The following tracks are from John’s 2008 CD, Jazz, Pictures, and Poems, all songs written and arranged by John Nyerges, ©2007, J. Nyerges, Step Into The Lite Music, NBR Jazz Publishing(BMI).

MP3: “Li’l E” (Excerpt)
MP3: Time’s Up (Excerpt)
MP3: Modern Times (Excerpt)
MP3: Tribute (Excerpt)
MP3: Monk’s Blues (Excerpt)
MP3: Life (Excerpt)
MP3: Prayer Song (Excerpt)
MP3: Impetuoso (Excerpt)
MP3: Sense of Loss (Excerpt)

The following tracks are from Point of View, all songs written and arranged by John Nyerges, ©1991, NBR Jazz.

MP3: A Moment in Time (Excerpt)
MP3: Scenic View (Excerpt)
MP3: Song for Carina (Excerpt)
MP3: Swing Shift (Excerpt)
MP3: One for Josh
MP3: Where the Heart Is (Excerpt)


The following sheet music PDFs are from Point of View. Click to open in your browser or right-click to save to your computer.

PDF: A Moment In Time
PDF: All the Way
PDF: Song For Carina
PDF: In Search of a Word
PDF: New World
PDF: Sambelissa
PDF: Swing Shift

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